The Teen Leader

4. Adam Markel - Pivot Now & Love Your Life

July 05, 2020 Adam Markel
The Teen Leader
4. Adam Markel - Pivot Now & Love Your Life
Show Notes

The Teen Leader Podcast with Lucas Lunzmann

Adam Markel | Episode #4


  • Adam's Pivot Story
    • Begins with pain
    • Anxiety attack changed his course
    • Felt stress and didn't love his life
  • Knowing What You Want To Do
    • "There's almost never a plan that doesn't change radically"
    • It's a process, not a plan
    • Make micro-adjustments during your pivot
  • Be-Do-Have (formula)
    • We're taught to do things to have things and then become someone
    • Needs to change
    • How do you want to experience "your being"
      • Ex. I experience gratitude today, etc.
  • Love Your Life No Matter What
    • Life is a reflection of our intentions
    • Both during the good and bad times
    • "This too shall pass," applies to everything
  • Actionable Tips
    • Begin reading books
    • Build resilience in 3 steps
      • Remove the judgment
      • Recalibrate and recalculate
      • Create rituals
  • What distinguishes great teen leaders?
    • Tenacity and perseverance
    • Willing to do the work tirelessly
  • Book Recommendations
    • The Road Less Traveled - M. Scott Peck
    • The Untethered Soul - Michael Singer
    • The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle

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